All recipes are original recipes. Some are my own and others have been passed on to me by my mom and my dad, who were both incredible cooks. Some recipes have been given to me by friends.

Many of my fondest childhood memories were in our kitchen at home, helping my mom bake or make her English puddings and desserts, or helping my dad cook all his delicious Greek dishes. My parents entertained all the time.

Sunday lunches were our speciality and during the summer months in Cape Town, and around our swimming pool, we had long, languid lunches with friends and family, sometimes 20 people at a time, if not more. After filling our bellies with all the scrumptious delicacies my mom and dad had mustered up, my dad then made Greek coffee for everyone and read their coffee cups, and after that, whatever Greek men were around, my dad would hand out guitars, mouth organs and the like and in the late afternoon, the men would serenade everyone, whilst drinking Metaxa brandy and drinking more strong Greek coffee! Those were beautiful days, I was blessed to be brought up with these incredible experiences…

When I got married and had my only son, and although not still living at home, the Sunday lunch tradition continued, so my son was also a part of these incredibly family gatherings…

Easy Butternut Soup

By |November 7th, 2022|

This is a quick and easy, delicious and nutritious soup and one of my Winter favourites! I often


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